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Sapere Aude...Dare to Know for Yourself A Fleeting Improvised Man

We live in an age when telling the Truth is considered a radical act...

     and during my quest I was shocked to discover that there was nothing more truthful or radical  than simply sitting still in silence. As Blaise Pascal famously noted, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”

 My books then in great measure describe the fruits that this kind of profound stillness, combined with self-inquiry practice, can bear.

A Fleeting Improvised Man, A Fleeting Improvised Man Awakens as well as

The Clothes Have No Emperor  serve to chronicle my journey to discover spiritual enlightenment as Buddha or the non-dual tradition of Advaita Vedanta speaks of. As well the final book may also provide a glimpse of reality as it presents itself post awakening. The trilogy reads as part adventure tale and part practical guide to waking up. I have endeavored to demythologize mysticism and describe my  journey to enlightenment  as pragmatically as possible in the hopes that all may realize their birthright.

Enjoy. DJ

The Clothes Have No Emperor caps off the trilogy. I might  describe it as how “A Fleeting Improvised Man Lives”. Here I engage in a year long email correspondence with a spiritual buddy regarding the illusory nature of self and what it takes to  awaken.

In A Fleeting Improvised Man Awakens profound spiritual revelation and transformation begins to unfold. Hunkered down in a Canadian Buddhist centre while meditating ten hours a day, I describe how I begin to realize the ephemeral nature of self.

The enlightenment quest begins with A Fleeting Improvised Man. Here I chronicle  spiritually edifying moments early in my journey including the use of various  plant based entheogens.

The Books

The Clothes Have No EmperorA Fleeting Improvised Man AwakensA Fleeting Improvised Man

Spiritual Truth is often stranger than fiction. My  trilogy is undoubtedly a testament to this fact.